Mylo Stone & Percy Filth – End Of Level Boss Music (Review)


Since Elbow Room dropped Percy’s taken a slight step back from music, relocating from Birmingham to Bristol and taking in the vibrancy of the burgeoning Hip Hop scene in his new home town. This has led to the fruition of a long planned collaboration with Bristol raggamuffin Mylo Stone.

Anyone with even a slight interest in the UK scene will know Mylo well. Originally out of Plymouth he has released a consistent series of tracks and projects, initially with his crew The Cohorts, before moving on to Bristol and submerging himself in that scene. The groups The Swamps (with Chattabox & Sam Otis) and subsequently The Bastard Sunz (with DJ Rogue and MC B’tol) showed both his flexibility and voracious appetite for making quality music. As well as this, Mylo is well known as an accomplished live performer featuring on the undercard of some of the biggest names in world Hip Hop. He’s graced the stage with the likes of RA the Rugged Man, Lord Finesse and Chester P to name but a few, establishing himself as a constant and hard working MC.

Ever since Percy carried out Production duties on the Cohorts’ “Go Fly” from their Co-Dependant LP back in 2006 him and Mylo had planned on creating a collaborative project together. This is something that often happens in Hip Hop, but all too rarely comes to fruition due to other projects and the vagueries of the scene getting in the way. Fortunately, with Percy’s relocation to Bristol, this idea has formed into a fully fledged EP: End Of Level Boss Music.

“Terrifying you like a Zombie Clown dancing/ All you see is me and Percy / No one’s left standing” – Mylo Stone “Pitfalls”

The EP opens with “Pitfalls”, truly epitomising the theme of the EP. Hammer horror trills and booming bass, alongside Mylo’s bile filled verses. “Raise The Bar”, like the rest of the EP, is bang full of features. Four Owls’ BVA, long term Filth collaborator and Eatgood legend Sonnyjim and Numskullz MC Rola Roc all bless this abrasive head nodder with the magnificent Eva Lazarus on hook duties. “Brukfoot” is a Reggae/ Boom Bap hybrid of the finest kind and the first single dropped from the EP. Res & Upfront from Split Prophets, as well as Brum Reggae beast Serocee go extremely hard on this one.

“Kang” features Ninjatune badman Juice Aleem as well as Bristol’s Twizzy and Bill Next. Heavy bass driven Boom Bap is interlaced with quotes from the Marvel Super Villain the track is named after. “Night Stalkers” sees the return of Sonnyjim, this time with an all-too-rare appearance from fellow Eatgood innovator Kosyne on a dark, glitchy Percy Filth banger. The EP’s title track is an 8-Bit odyssey that could almost have been taken from the end of a Mega Drive classic. Packed with game references and with Mylo taking on the persona of the ultimate End of Level Boss.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed “EOLBM”. It’s a classic example of a solid concept pulled off with style and no small amount of talent. There’s little introspection in the lyrics on these tracks, it’s abrasive hard hitting Hip Hop done with the confidence of heads who know their stuff. The features, although prevalent, don’t take away from the dynamic of the EP or break up the flow of it’s tracks. This is definitely one for the collection of any lover of UK Hip Hop.

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