Fliptrix - The Road To The Interdimensional Piff Highway (Review)

Fliptrix - The Road To The Interdimensional Piff Highway (Review)

Five years is seemingly a long time in music, nothing has made this more apparent than the quite staggering rise to prominence of Fliptrix. The South London based MC and musical entrepreneur has enjoyed a seemingly unstoppable series of successes since he dropped his debut back in 2007. Going from emerging MC to head of arguably the most successful label in the UKHH scene in just half a decade, it seems like Flip has got the Midas touch when it comes to the modern music landscape.

I reviewed Flip’s last LP back before its release, during the writing of that piece I mentioned the fact that he has established himself in the same bracket as some of the pillars of the UK scene. Scene stalwarts like Jehst, Farma G and Kashmere have taken, in some cases, a decade or more to get themselves to the point where Fliptrix now finds himself. At a time when people bemoan the Internets adverse effect on music and how hard it is to make yourself heard amongst an ever-growing sea of voices Fliptrix and his self founded label High Focus have gone from strength to strength.

“I deliver hearts message/ I’m never watching the Telly/ So I elevate the vibes to the Wilds of the Serengeti” – Heart Full Of Love

One of the most obvious things about High Focus is the fact that they are always working on something new, “The Road To The Interdimensional Piff Highway” is the perfect example of this. All production on this project is handled by long term Flip collaborators Runone & Molotov, the result is a consistency of sound that was slightly lacking on “Third Eye”. Each track flows into the next with a smoothness that I think was missing in some of Flip’s previous work, as such it’s more reminiscent of the phenomenal Four Owls debut LP - which was solely produced by fellow Owl Leaf Dog - than his previous work. There’s a variation of influences within the record, from the old-school soul inspired “Heart Full Of Love” to the almost mystical “Hyperborean Dreams” this is also a constantly moving sound

“Piff Highway” is full of theories, philosophy and message. There’s very little in the way of boastfulness or bravado on display here, on tracks like “The Realization” Flip expounds views on subjects as diverse as Fluoride in our water supply to the suppression of free thought.  “Been Here Before” starts with sweeping violins and an almost mournful vocal sample, with Fliptrix extolling his thoughts on reincarnation and the everlasting human soul over a stripped down soundscape.

“I’m living life by the laws of attraction/ psychological positive interaction/ Making elevation happen with the rapping/ couldn’t really care if I’ve got any grands stacking/ when I get em I invest em back into my passions” – Cycles

Overall, “Piff Highway” is a message of hope and optimism. Fliptrix is clearly a man at peace with himself and happy in his own skin, there’s an overarching vibe of positivity and love, which is far too rare in modern Hip Hop. Thoroughly recommended.

8.5/10 - A welcome expansion to a superb body of work

You can cop "Piff Highway" in a number of formats direct from High Focus HERE

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