Twizzy & Ramson Badbonez - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (Review)

Twizzy & Ramson Badbonez - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (Review)

Unless they've been living under a rock for the last decade the name of Ramson Badbonez should be familiar to anyone with the slightest inkling of the UK underground.

The London legends speed of a gatling gun rhymes and intricate wordplay has been blessing heads ever since he first emerged on the scene in a blaze of releases and live appearances that have left the average Hip Hop fan slack jawed in amazement.

Twizzy has also been forging a solid reputation in both his native Bristol and across the country. Affiliated with the Abnoxshuz Entertainment family, Twizzy's place as both an excellent live spitter and innovative Lyricist has been earned by both his talent and constant hard work.

The Good, the Bad & the ugly is the first full length collaboration between Badbonez and Twizzy and it's a combination that works superbly. As the name would imply this LP is themed heavily around the movie of the same name, complete with Eli Wallach vocal samples and the instantly recognizable iconic music that were as much an integral part of the classic Western as Clint Eastwoods Poncho.

All the Production duties on the LP are handled by Hucth, which equates to a consistant vibe throughout. From the opening bars of the Title track, you know you're in for a solid piece of work with this project. Ramsons first verse is blisteringly solid, his swinging no holds barred delivery is like slipping on a comfy T Shirt for a UKHH head and reminds immediately just how good he is.

"Not seeing it" is as fine a display of lyricism that I've yet heard from Twizzy, the orchestral samples and Boom Bap flavour of the drums acting as a perfect setting for his rhymes that drip with resentment at those who misunderstand him.

As far as guest spots are concerned, fellow Bristolians Jinxsta Jx and J-Man drop bars on "No Flava" and "Well, Well, Well" , whilst MAB from Abnoxshuz blesses the soulful loops on "1st come, 1st served". Jinxsta Jx and MAB also turn up on "Blow The House Down"

In summary "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly" is a solid piece of work, the beats from Hucth are certainly on point whilst the combination of Twizzys more laid back style with Badbonez more aggressive bars makes for a solid project which I'd recommend for any follower of either the Bristol Hip Hop scene or the UK Underground in general.

Overall 7.5/10 - Solid

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